BitFlip platform's token


Ticker of the coin


Limited emission

maximum of 40,000,000 FLIP


Official mining pool–

Proved by time technology

Forked from Litecoin Core


10% of platform's income splits between holders of FLIP


Possibility to get bonusses for FLIP

Open source

Source code of token is available here

Fast transactions

Block time – 4 minutes

Cheap transactions

Fee for transactions is only 0.001 FLIP

Wallets for Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Wallets are available for popular platforms

Technical specifications

Name – BitFlip

Ticker – FLIP

Exchange – BitFlip

Premine fo ICO – 10,000,000

Max emission – 40,000,000

ALGO of mining – SCRYPT

Block reward – 50 FLIP

Block time – 4 minutes

Difficulty changes each 630 blocks (its 1.75 of day avg.)

Block halving – 320,000 blocks

Official mining pool –

Official explorer –

Repository with source code –


1. Where can I get information about transactions and address balance?
There is official Block Explorer thath you can find using this address – You can check address balance, find transactions and information about it and also find out total amount of tokens at the moment.
2. How can I mine FLIP?
You need SCRYPT hardware for mining it. You can buy or rent it. Information with credintials for mining you can get at official mining pool –
3. What do I need to get dividends?
You need have FLIP on your account on the platform – BitFlip. It should be 1,000 FLIP and more in your wallet. Coins should be in wallet and not traded on the platform to receive dividends. Payouts process once a week.